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And the 2016 winners are...

Still Image Contest Winner ($50): Taraz, by Darya Belgian 

Honorable Mention: Daddy Don't Go, by Emily Abt
Honorable Mention: Lonely Boys, by Dan Simon
Audience Choice Award: Beautiful Me!, by Ruby Taylor
Best Foreign Film: Flow, by David Martinez
Best Comedy: Doug, by Lucas Ruderman
Best Documentary: Beautiful Me!, by Ruby Taylor
Best Actor: Gregory Lay in Lonely Boys
Best Actress: Lily Mae Harrington in Some Freaks

Best Ensemble Cast: 42 Seconds of Happiness, by Christina Kallas
Indie Spirit Award: 42 Seconds of Happiness, by Christina Kallas
Best Short Film ($100): This Modern Man is Beat, by David J. Schroeder
Best Feature Film ($500): Some Freaks, by Lovell Holder

Complete Film Lineup 2016:

Paper Wrap Fire (Short, 14 minutes.)
Daddy Don't Go (Feature documentary, 1hr. 30 mins.)
Back Track (Short, 7 minutes.) 
Foreign Sounds  (Short, 9 minutes.) 
Some Freaks (Feature, 1 hr. 35 mins.) 
24 Degrees in Winter (Short, 17 minutes.) 
Flow (Feature, 1 hr. 30 mins.)
No Joke (Short, 17 mins)

The Skull (Short, 13 mins)

Butterflies (Short, 3 mins)

Doug (Short, 10 mins)

Being Seen (Short documentary, 15 mins)

Voice of Nothingness (Short documentary, 19 mins)

Bittersweet Lane (Short, 10 mins)

Lonely Boys (Feature, 1 hr. 30 mins)

The Call from the Sea (Short documentary, 15 mins)

Normal is Over (Feature documentary, 1 hr 43 mins)

Black Beauty in the White Gaze (Short, 1 min)

Beautiful Me! (Feature, 1 hr)

42 Seconds of Happiness (Feature, 1 hr 30 mins)

The Call (Short, 21 mins)

Deadpoint (Short, 26 mins)

The Last Abduction (Short, 13 mins) 


Bonus Online Shorts 2016:

The Bag, by Philip Snyder
American Moderate, by Jared Callahan
Koots, by Jake Roseman
Imaginary Novels, by Nancy Gifford
Only One You, by Madison Durand
Through the Night, by Drew Leary

Injustice, by Amanda Chambers

Thank you to all the brilliant filmmakers who submitted their work to the 2016 Princeton Independent Film Festival! We hope to see you again next year!

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