Bruce Dickson Filmography and Awards


Red Velvet / Director
Cook Off! / Director of Photography/Associate Producer
Spiderman 2 / Director of Photography/Image-based Render Photography
Spiderman 3 / Director of Photography/Image-based Render Photography
Superman Returns / Director of Photography/Image-based Render Photography
Herbie: Fully Loaded / Circlevision Operator
The Fast & The Furious / Circlevision Operator
Crimson Tide / Underwater Operator
Eraser / Motion Control
TRON / Animation Cameraman
Inside the Zeitgeist: Smashing Pumpkins / Director of Photography
Welcome to Nollywood (doc) / Director of Photography/Producer
Charm Bracelet / Director of Photography/Producer
Fela Lives (doc) / Director/Director of Photography
Luxurious Tigers of Obnoxious Agreement (doc) / Director/Director of Photography


3 Bullets / Director of Photography
Laws of Nature (pilot) / Director/Director of Photography
Love Spring International: Season I / Director of Photography
"Friends" Show Opening Sequence / Director of Photography
Pro Sieben Show Opening Sequence / Director of Photography
Off The Charts: The Song Poem Story (doc) / Director of Photography


Toyota: Interstitial/Product Integration / Director/Director of Photography
Rosario Dawson PSA: Voto Latino 2008 / Director of Photography
Kelly Hu PSA: Vote 2008 / Director of Photography
Borgess: "Health Alliance" / Director of Photography
Terminix "Security Blanket" / Director of Photography
Hyundai: "300" / Director/Director of Photography
Hilton Hotels: "Metropole" London /Director of Photography


Shelby Lynne: "Live @ Joe's Pub" / Director/Director of Photography
Shelby Lynne: "Telephone" / Director/Director of Photography
Year of the Rabbit: "Last Defense" / Director/Director of Photography
The F* Ups: "Look at Your Son Now" / Director/Director of Photography
The F* Ups: "Lazy Generation" / Director/Director of Photography
Secret Machines: "Sad and Lonely" / Director/Director of Photography
Guster: "Amsterdam" / Director/Director of Photography
Zwan: "Lyric" / Director/Director of Photography
Zwan: "Honestly" / Director/Director of Photography

Keith Murray: "Candy Bar" / 2nd Unit Director/Director of Photography
Keith Murray: "Yeah You Know It" / 2nd Unit Director/Director of Photography
Joe featuring Jadakiss: "A Girl Like You" / 2nd Unit Director/Director of Photography
Zane: "Tonight I'm Yours" / 2nd Unit Director/Director of Photography
....Trail of Dead: "Another Morning Stoner" / Director/Director of Photography
....Trail of Dead: "Relative Ways" / Director/Director of Photography
Possum Dixon: "Firecracker" / Director/Director of Photography
Billy Bragg: "Help Save the Youth of America" / Director/Director of Photography
The Palace Brothers: "Old Jerusalem" / Director of Photography


Promax Awards, Promax Bronze Award - Director, 2008 "Toyota Trendsetters" Commercial on SiTV Interstitial/Advertiser Integration Program Wrap

MVPA, Best Rock Music Video of the Year Nominee - Director/Director of Photography, 2004 Zwan: "Honestly" Music Video

Promax Awards, BDA Bronze Award - Director of Photography Pro Sieben Show Opening Sequence    

Promax Awards, BDA Award Nomination - Director of Photography  Borgess "Health Alliance"Type your paragraph here.

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Bio: Lauren Bon

Originally trained as an architect, Lauren Bon has developed an art practice focusing on site-specific projects concerned with political and environmental justice. Her projects are intended to engage on a scale commensurate with society’s capacity to destroy.

In 2005 Bon established the Metabolic Studio to explore and increase the scope of her projects around an ongoing interest in connecting the land and water in the historic core of Los Angeles. Immense, multiyear works produced by Bon and the studio include Not a Cornfield (2005–6); Anabolic Monument (2006–13); FarmLab (2006–9); Under Spring (2006–13); AgH20 (2008–present), portions of which were shown at the George Eastman House, International Museum of Photography and Film, Rochester, New York, in 2013; Strawberry Flag (2009–10); One Hundred Mules Walking the Los Angeles Aqueduct (2013), video documentation of which is currently included in an exhibition at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions; and Bending the River Back into the City (2012–present).

~Thank you so much to Bruce Dickson and Lauren Bon for sharing their work and talent with the Princeton Independent Film Festival!~

Bio: Bruce Dickson

After graduating from U.C Berkeley in film studies and ethnography, Bruce's interests focused on cinematography and documentary filmmaking. His professional experience brings confident and creative energy with a fresh, unique visual style that exposes an intimacy between the artist and his camera. Currently Producer/Director/DP for multi Emmy Nominated and Emmy winning series: "Artbound" on KCET ( Also, Bruce Dickson is a winner of three Golden Mike awards, Two L.A. Press Club Awards - 2012 & 2013 and voted LA Weekly Best Art & Culture Site in Los Angeles.

December 2015
Featured Filmmakers: Bruce Dickson (director) and Lauren Bon (artist)
​for the feature documentary
One Hundred Mules Walking the Los Angeles Aqueduct

Metabolic Studio. Lauren Bon’s Metabolic Studio takes a multidisciplinary approach to developing new tools for urban living and city planning. The studio practices on physical and social brownfields—places that are incapable of supporting life. Since 2005 it has focused primarily on land and water use in the city of Los Angeles and by extension in the Intermountain West. Through working with local, state, and federal agencies, the studio counters an often ingrained systemic aversion to innovation. It is divided into three separate areas of practice: optics, sonics, and “a mano” (handmade).Type your paragraph here. For more information please visit

One Hundred Mules Walking the Los Angeles Aqueduct (Artist’s Cut, 2015) is a documentary of a journey, with a string of one hundred mules, that drew a line between Los Angeles and a source of its water in the Eastern Sierra.

This one-month meditation was undertaken by Lauren Bon and the Metabolic Studio to commemorate the centenary of the opening of the Los Angeles Aqueduct on Nov. 5, 2013. Mules were an important component of the labor force that made the building of the aqueduct possible. This artist action paid homage to the quiet dignity of the mule and the patient pace of its progress across the western epic landscape. 

Awards for One Hundred Mules Walking the Los Angeles Aqueduct

Los Angeles Movie Awards 2015

SaMo Indie Film Festival 2015

Best American Feature Documentary
American Documentary Film Festival (AmDocs) 2015


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