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Anthony Vollmer (Left) and Craig Horwitz (Right)

When intrepid journalist, CRAIG HORWITZ, meets up with M, a mysterious whistle-blower from the Mayonnaise cartel, he is taken down a dark historical path from France, to Nazi Germany, to the depths of culinary hell. Horwitz discovers the stranglehold Big Mayo has on modern American politics, revealing a much larger truth to his investigation: It's no longer about what they're doing to our body. It's about what they're doing to our country!

Q&A with the Filmmakers:

What was the inspiration for The Mayo Conspiracy?

Craig Horwitz:  Well, Mayonnaise is such a polarizing condiment, it was about time that somebody tackled this subject. The idea all along was to make it larger than life, by creating a cartel-like organization, Big Mayo, responsible for secretly penetrating the food supply with this unhealthy, unAmerican emulsion. However, the inspiration for our main character came from the Oliver Stone film, JFK, where  Donald Sutherland plays  an ex-military intelligence officer who worked for Black Operations or  "Black Ops." By merely changing that term to "White Ops" we stumbled upon the perfect backstory for the whistleblower in The Mayo Conspiracy.

What was your biggest challenge while shooting?
Anthony Vollmer: Getting actors to take seriously the inherent pernicious quality of mayonnaise. Getting the cast and crew to forsake prior beliefs in the innocence of a condiment until proven guilty. And ... lobbying congress to call for a CONDIMENTAL CONVENTION FOR THE PURPOSE OF banning mayo, except when the life of the mother is in question.  No small task.

What was your favorite part of shooting?
Craig Horwitz: Yelling "cut" when our  actors started cracking up in the middle of a take.  As a comedy director, nothing gives you more confidence that things are moving in the right direction than getting laughter during the actual shoot.  Plus it really helped relax and loosen things up on the set, making  the followup takes even stronger!

What's next for you?
Anthony Vollmer: Right now it's finding a bathroom. But seriously, it's all about continuing our mayo momentum in the film festival circuit for the next several months.  Plus, we are more than halfway finished the script for our next comedic feature:FEAR, There & Everywhere. It's a spoof about the real presence of fear in just about every aspect of American life. We hope to show how taken-for-granted fear is in most media. Everything from the military to the weather forecast. It's quite a negative scene our media paints.......just right for having some fun with.

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Winning Best Comedy Feature at TWIFF.

     ~Thank you so much to Craig Horwitz and Anthony Vollmer for sharing their work and talent with the Princeton Independent Film Festival!~

***If you are a movie reviewer who is interested in writing a review for The Mayo Conspiracy,  please email Horwitz and Vollmer at to receive a password protected link to watch the entire film online. If you are a potential investor , please feel free to contact them so they can provide you with more detailed information about their followup project, FEAR, There & Everywhere.


With several feature scripts under his belt, Craig Horwitz decided it was time to take the step from writing films to making films. So he approached his long-time friend/actor/writer/musician Anthony Vollmer about a project that pokes fun at the most controversial condiment in the world. Mayonnaise! After reading the story outline, Vollmer was intrigued by all the drama that a small jar of mayo could contribute towards the universe at large. So much so, he came on board not only as co-writer and co-director, but also as the lead actor in this epic condimental journey, The Mayo Conspiracy. Currently making the rounds in the film festival circuit, their directorial debut recently won "Best Feature Comedy" at The World's Independent Film Festival (TWIFF). They are also in the process of writing the screenplay for their followup project, FEAR, There & Everywhere.

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